Copresco President Steve Johnson,
print & publishing expert

Steve Johnson is a media communications veteran, digital print evangelist, arts enthusiast, polymath, autodidact, litterateur, sesquipedalian and unabashed cheerleader for writing, books and print.

Steve is the author of Johnson’s World, currently read monthly by over 100,000 subscribers in What They Think Magazine and online at Steve uses his monthly column to reflect and comment on topics pertinent to the graphic arts, publishing, and well, just about everything.

Often humorous, always insightful, usually probing but never malicious, Steve takes delight in presenting the hetrodoxical point of view. Iconoclasm without cynicism is a hallmark of Johnson’s World.

Steve is the president of Copresco, a digital on-demand printer of books, manuals and publications located in the Chicago area and serving clients worldwide.

From Steve's Most Recently Published Article

Telly Savalas was not blessed with typical leading-man looks and was most often cast in supporting character roles. When  middle-aged, he had lost much of his hair to male-pattern baldness, which lead him to a momentous decision. He decided to shave his head for the role of Pilate, to give himself an authentic Roman statesman appearance.  (more)